Copying/Recalling from fixtures with varying cell counts should include the entire fixture

Currently copying values from a lower cell count fixture to a higher cell count fixture will only modify as many cells as the source fixture has. I feel like this is typically undesired behavior.


Ch 101 is a fixture with 4 cells in red.
Ch 102 is a fixture with 8 cells in blue.

<101>[Copy To]<102>[Enter]

I would expect this to copy all the values from Ch 101 to Ch 102, hence Ch 102 would be completely red, mimicking what 101 is doing.

What actually happens: I end up with a half-and-half fixture as the first 4 cells on Ch 102 go red while cells 5-8 remain unaffected in blue.

We can discuss how to handle this if the source channel has a variety of cell values (as I have a few thoughts) but the current functionality is problematic as it causes what I consider to be unexpected results.  A straight channel to channel [Copy To] or [Recall From] should include the entire fixture.