Planned for Future

We've long had a goal of creating "Query Groups," where you would be able to store a query function in a group, and when that group is called, it returns the appropriate query results for that moment. Once these are implemented, you'll be able to map those to direct selects the way you would with groups now. 

[EOS-33122] Groups: store query condition to a group

Query Buttons - Custom DS

Ability to add query commands to custom direct selects.

Eg, query all of your Text fields for locations on one row then below all your Gobos and maybe below that Gels, then you can quickly get all of your overhead L200 breakups.

If you can press in sequence and layer up query filters and then [+] so you can do a new query and add to your current selection. OR, hold shift to layer up query’s and then an unmodified button press to add to the selection?