Selective Spreadsheet Patch Export


A clean spreadsheet export with fixture selective output.


The current patch export dumps a .CSV that contains multiple fixture formats. Such as ranges and versions with hyphens, commas. Additionally, multi cell fixtures are bumped into data obscure ranges like 22000001.  This creates an unusable patch export that can be massive when you're into the 10s of thousands of lights. When we are teching out our lights we just need to be able to take patch, throw it in a labeling program and kick out hundreds stickers for them.  Right now we have to create an entirely different patch database through a 3rd party program, whether that is Lightwright, Excel or Sheets.  This is the wrong workflow, the console should be able to kick out a useable patch itself. This is more important when you factor in multi user programming and teching.

  • Amen please fix this for the love of god. It’s a really obnoxious system to create labels and it shouldn’t be that hard. Just separate the universe and address from each other in the patch export and find an easier system for multicell and dimmer fixtures. With dimmers I like to see the range of a group of dimmers as one number like 1-24 on a CD80.