Planned for Future

We'll not be able to allow simultaneous editing of a magic sheet, but we can put better rules / notifications around when a magic sheet is "checked out" for editing. 

[EOS-52495] Magic Sheet in Multiconsole: if a magic sheet is being edited, prevent it from being edited elsewhere in the session

Simultaneous Magic Sheet editing or Magic Sheet in use notification


We need the ability to simultaneously edit magic sheets on multi user projects.  If there are conflicts then a warning or in use message would also be helpful.


For Film/TV we build maps of each set for easier live monitering and communication.  On large projects we may have 2-3 programmers and 5-10 techs on Nomads building and editing sets.  This works pretty well except on really massive or fast builds we need multiple people working on the same one.  The current work around is to have a base MS copied to another MS number, each person builds their area and then group copys their whole part back into the main MS.

Any improvements and cleanup to the way multi users work is a huge plus in the film/tv world over other consoles.