Overtemp errors

SR 48 with CEM3 current software ver

Had change over from previous show, focused Wednesday and programmed all day yesterday without incident.  About 2:10 this afternoon, 19 circuits all went overtemp.  They were all on same phase (bottom of rack) so my HOPE is that local power company had something happen that the rack responded to with overtemp errors.  We were having heavy rain but little lightning/thunder.  CPU temp was 77 F so don't think there was really a temp problem.  Problem phase has 2 ThruPower, 3 relay, and balance D20AF modules.

Hope this does not repeat but appreciate any insights that anyone may have.



  • Time to vacuum the rack? 

  • Hi Tom,

    Multiple modules going overtemp at the exact same time usually indicates a bad power cube in one of the modules. If it happens again or more repeatably, you can narrow it down by removing the modules one by one and clearing the error; you should be able to narrow it down to one module that is causing the problem, and replace the cube in that module.

    Incidentally looking at your mix of modules, relay modules don't have an overtemp connection so the problem would likely be one of the Thrupower or D20AF modules.


  • Thanks for power cube suggestion.

    Finished programming Fri & Sat and had long tech yesterday with no problems so still thinking power glitch on leg probably caused the overtemp somehow.

  • Just to confirm, R20 AND R20AF do not have overtemp connection.

    Ran shows & events every day last week (system up 30+ hours) and then had several modules report overtemp yesterday afternoon.  Will swap modules one at a time between racks to see if I can identify problem by moving it to other rack.