sensor 3 Dimmer

hi guys,

as a beginner I have a question 

what is difference between etc sensor 3 Dimmer DimSwitch and etc sensor3 true power relays?

thanks in advance

  • HI, I believe we answered this in response to your email to technical service, but for the benefit of other passing forums users:

    The ThruPower Switch Module is a standard dimmer module but with Bypass switches on the front.

    When these switches are used the dimmer is bypassed and the circuit will be on and not controllable until the switch is turned off.

    This would allow you to plug in fixtures which require a non-dimmed supply to be plugged into this circuit when it’s in bypass mode.


    The ThruPower Relay is a Dimmer and Relay Module Combined.

    This allows you to select in the configuration if the circuit is Dimmed or Switched and the module will fire ether the relay or dimmer.

    The mode of the channel can be changed via the front panel, Net3 Concert or if you have a lighting wifi there is also an app for your phone.

    There is also a switch on the front which allows you to drive the Relay on and then this circuit cannot be controlled from an external source.