Mod Square Curve Vs. Linear on R20 dimmer modules

Hi All,

I have a bunch of simple LED worklights in my space powering off of R20 modules set into switched mode. I was wondering if the curve(Mod Square vs Linear) on an R20 in switched mode even matters since the Relay modules aren't technically dimming. Mainly I don't want to be accidentally subjecting these LED's to a dimming curve that might potentially cause them to fail down the line.


  • No worries. 

    The curve is a DMX level to output level conversion. If you changed the curve the default 50% trigger would move slightly from 125, maybe 120 or 130. Since this is all in the logic that determines when the relay triggers it couldn't possibly harm the module, or the electronics. (I'm not an ETC engineer and quite willing to be corrected by one.)

  • Thanks for the response! That's kind of what I thought. The thing that really made me wonder was this. When you switch a TR20 pack to relay/switched, it automatically switches the curve to linear. It just seemed odd, and that maybe I should be following that on my R20s as well. 

    Thanks again!