Sensor 3 Preset Recall

Let's pretend I have 2 48 Module Sensor 3 Racks

I think I understand that Sensor Presets currently have 4 main methods for being recalled. One is the Echo System, and Sensor responding to messages for presets in spaces that their circuits are setup for. Two is Concert, and Device Operations tab. 3 would be Web Browser, and 4 the face panel.

Are there other methods for recalling or recording presets? For example, if I had a Paradigm that was controlling 2 universes of Data fixtures, and wanted to recall presets to turn on the dimmers and relays in the Sensor, can it do that, or does it have to use sACN? Iin a close corollary, would this be accomplished by using an Echo Expansion Bridge controlled from Paradigm to send Echo commands to the Sensor 3 racks?

Lastly, is there any third party control, like OSC messages or UDP commands that could also activate presets/