CEM+ "Patching"

I am working with two 48x2.4k racks.  One rack is configured in a "normal" fashion (1 to 1 off of the base address). The second rack is very unusual: EX - DMX address 86 will heat up dimmer 74, 76, 78, 82, and 84.  This happens with several DMX addresses (with different groups of dimmers among several different DMX addresses). 

The best way I can think to explain this is a patching issue in the CEM+ unit... [If DMX address 90 called control dimmer pack in slot 12b, 13a, 13b, 14a].  Hopefully this makes some sense.  I am just not familiar enough with the CEM+ modules to go and start poking around until I better understand what is happening here.

Thanks for any insights you may have.

  • It's possible there's a custom patch, or some incorrectly configured dimmers that may result in what you're seeing, but just looking at the simple stuff, first.

    Using 86 as an example...how are you sending address 86 level information to your second rack? From a console? If yes, are you raising and lowering that address via a channel (or a sub, or...?)? If it's patched to a channel, are there any other addresses patched to that same channel?

    Are you sending levels to your rack via network (sACN) or DMX?

    Do you know what firmware version your CEM+ racks are?

    Do you have/know how to use Concert configuration software?

    Do you have an architectural control processor also in your system Unison/Paradigm?

  • Thank you for your prompt response.  I believe you are spot on - there is a custom patch job in place.  My client informed me that another vendor had manipulated the rack to service a house-light control panel (that is no longer being used).  

    Control is being sent via DMX output of the console.  I am uncertain if DMX is hitting the rack direct or if there is a DMX to ETCNet conversion along the way someplace.  Data is successfully reaching the rack - of that I am certain.  It is within the rack that things are being manipulated.  

    No clue on the CEM Firmware.

    I do not have Concert configuration software.

    There is no architectural or additional processer involved in the system.

    Great questions!

    I think, at this point, I essentially have two clarifying questions:

    1) Where/how can I connect to the CEM+ unit with a computer to utilize the GUI over IP to view configuration?

    2) Am I able to manipulate the CEM+ patch from the front keypad?

    Please feel free to share any further questions or insights - Appreciate the opportunity to learn about this unique configuration I have stumbled onto.

  • ETC Concert software should allow access to the configuration settings, depending on the firmware version of the CEM+.

    ETC Sensor+ Connect (a web browser build right into the CEM+) is another way to gain access to the configuration of the processor. There are some caveats about which web browsers you can use, and what versions work "out of the box" or need special settings.

    Settings are accessible via the facepanel of the CEM+, as well. I think this might be the least desirable method if you're trying to do it on your own and aren't familiar with how to reconfigure.

    Regardless of which option you choose, I strongly encourage you to give our Technical Support folks a call and they can help you troubleshoot this, and talk you through re-patching. Alternatively, you could contact your friendly neighborhood ETC Dealer and perhaps bring a Field Service Technician out to your site for a service call, to assist you.

  • You can visit our website and search for CEM+ User Configuration Manual (manuals are slightly different depending on your firmware). This may prove useful if you're trying to navigate the settings and make changes directly at the facepanel. For example, here's the link for the one that applies to v3.1.0


    This document also contains info on the Web Interface (Sensor+ Connect) that I mentioned in my other reply.