Sensor+ LED10 Phase adept modules blinking off and on

Hi, Just thought i'd dangle my issue out there in case anyone has experienced it. I like lighting stuff... when it works. =) I have a Sensor+ rack that dims my stage lights- pars and ellipsoidals we have for broadcast, and our house lights. Our facility mgr decided he wasn't keen on changing lamps in the house lights as often as was required so he switched to an LED lamp (Toshiba). I was having issues with my D20 dimmers talking to the house lights, and would intermittently have them flicker- they would flicker to full intensity and back in a pattern. I talked to a guy from a reputable lighting company and he had me demo the "LED10" module and said it should alleviate this issue. When I saw the issue happen, I put the module in and it corrected it immediately, so I bought 4 to replace all of my house light dimmers. after a couple weeks a new issue has cropped up. About 10 mintues before our service started on Sunday, I could see groups of lights (grouped by dimmer) blink off and then back on. It was random, and intermittent. I tried cycling the board power and changing the intensity, and even going to our side car that has several presets for when we don't have a board op- nothing worked. Any ideas for what to look at next? The old problem I could get rid of by turning the intensity up, this one, i'd have to go black- which isn't kosher in our environment. 
Thanks in advance!