Sensor Classic Stuck Dimmers

Hello everyone,

I have two racks controlled by Sensor Classic SR48 CEM's. One of the CEM's has 12 dimmers that are stuck on and I have not been able to figure out why. If I swap it to the other rack, the same 12 dimmers are stuck on, but in the opposite rack. 

Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this?

I have already tried re-setting the CEM in both racks, I've tried disconnecting the DMX and re-setting, nothing I have tried has helped.

I'm getting into desperation mode as we are about to enter our busy season. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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  • Thank you for the suggestion! I believe the problem has something more to do with the CEM itself than the separate dimmer modules. To clarify, the dimmer modules in Rack A are stuck in a specific location in the rack. If I swap the CEM from Rack A to Rack B, the dimmer modules in Rack B are stuck in the same locations as Rack A, but not the same specific dimmers. Does that make sense? I will call ETC and ask about the power cubes either way.