Dimmer number


Next summer we will be 2 sensor 3 thrupower rack's installed in the theatre.where we already have 180 RJ dimmers and my questions are:

- When we renumber those dimmires on each rach it will be sequential or can we give different's numbers on each dimmer???

Example: On rack 1 dimmer1  it will be DMX 7+8, dimmer 2 dmw95+96, dimmer 3 dmx 161+174, ..., dimmer 48 dmx 201+232

                  On rack 2 dimmer 1 dmx 233+234m  dimmer 2 dmx 250+261 etc

- Can we configure those dimmers to non-dimmer using the Cobalt console or we need a pc to do that????

Sorry for silly questions but we need to start to think how and where we put those new dimmers.

Pedro Alves

  • Hi there!

    You can renumber the dimmers as you whish, sequencialy or not

    I strongly advice the use of ETC Net3 Concert software. I am not sure if it works on a Cobalt. But even if you’re using an EOS, I always think that is a good idea to have a laptop connected to your lighting network so you can change dimmer settings (renumber, thrupower, change curve, etc etc) remotely without using the console. Concert is a great software.

    Have fun!