Can I replace DMX jump with ethernet between Sensor+ racks?

I have a pair of Sensor+ (CEM+) dimmer racks, currently connected to each other (and to the console) via DMX 5pin. I could do some experimenting, but I don't always have access to the dimmer room.

Is it possible to run data from the console to the first rack via DMX, and then use an ethernet cable between racks 1 and 2, so I can use that DMX cable elsewhere? (i.e. console-DMX-rack-ethernet-rack) Or does it have to be 100% either DMX or ethernet for all connections?

mostly this would be great for dmx rescuing, using my own short ethernet jumper cables I can pick up cheaply until I can get building management to officially install a full proper network for the theater.

  • Sadly, no, that would not work. The racks receive DMX, but they don't re-transmit it over Ethernet, so if you are using DMX it needs to stay as DMX all the way through the system.

    If you just need some extra DMX cables they can be found fairly cheaply online!