Thought Experiment, Mix of Sensor IQ and Sensor 3, or just Sensor 3?

Hello all,

I'm just doing a thought experiment, for a project that who knows when it may come back. But it did get me thinking about a few things:

I have an architectural project, where we were looking to do all of the lighting control for the interior space.

Early Spitballing indicates, we're looking at around 48 Dimmed circuits, about 24 Relays for smart fixtures, and 16 Constant Circuits.

The Venue isn't a theater, so we won't be changing out fixtures or repatching. So a Sensor 3 with TPSR isn't necessary.

Because of the fluid nature before we've locked down circuits etc, I was designing assuming we had a 48 Slot Sensor 3, and we just slot what modules we want.

However, because it's going to be permanent, I was starting to wonder if there were pros to getting a 24 Slot Sensor 3, and a 48 Sensor IQ, to handle the Relays and the Constant On.

So at present here's my thoughts, which i would welcome comment or critique of:

  1. Splitting the systems will involve 2 feeds from the main electrical rooms, unless there's some sort of Auxiliary cabinet to split the feed to both devices. I'm not sure if the ones for multiple Sensor Racks will work for that.
  2. The Sensor IQ is a wall mounted unit, that over all takes up less space than the Sensor 3, but this is mitigated by still having a Sensor 3. Still, they can now both be mounted to the wall instead of floor standing.
  3. I don't know the prices for sure, but I'm assuming Populating 24 Smart Relay Breakers, 16 Dumb Breakers, and 8 Blanks is cheaper than an equivalent amount of Modules for a Sensor 3
  4. Although, a Sensor 3 is more flexible with adders, or in the future renovations.
  5. Assuming Option cards are not being used at all, so the Sensor IQ advantage doesn't factor in here.

There seems to be some back and forth, so I'm a bit perplexed. Plust I'm not certain I'm missing something.