Dimmer module only works when hard powered on

We have CEM3 and Sensor 3 dimming modules, and one of the dimmers is constantly showing as an AF Bkr Trip fault, unless I physically switch the module to 'on' in which case it gets power as it should. Every time I try to clear the fault it re appears a few seconds later. The circuit breaker doesn't trip and it is only happening on one of the dimmers, not both in the module.

I removed the module and all seems to be fine, is there anything I can try at the moment?



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  • Gotcha. OK. The "AF Breaker Trip" message should obviously only happen if the breaker trips; and it shouldn't affect the functionality of your module. What I would do is:

    - Power down the rack

    - Remove the problem module

    - Check the interior for any loose wires

    - Check the fuses in the module with a voltmeter (there are two fuses at the back)

    If that all seems OK, depending on the age of the module it may well still be in warranty - I'd give your nearest ETC office a call to get a warranty repair or replacement