Need old Sensor D20 module solution for LEDs

I currently have an old Sensor rack with 6 D20 modules. I've placed an order with ETC to upgrade to all LEDs (mostly S4 Spot Jrs) and to a SensorIQ rack. Due to the craziness of parts shortages, I will be getting the LEDs next week and the SensorIQ rack is on hold. It may ship mid-October, but it may be later.

I don't want to run the new LEDs on dimmer power.

Is there a way to get either 6 CC or Relay modules to tide me over? I'm happy to pay shipping to borrow or up to $50 or so per module to purchase used modules. I will only need them for (hopefully) a couple of months.

Thoughts? Is there another option I'm not considering?

(Power is limited in our old building unfortunately and power from other sources isn't really possible)