R20 Relay

We  have elderly SENSOR dimmer rack with CEM. We swapped out a single D20 dimmer module for a R20 relay pack in order to power our MLs. When we manually FULL the channels from our ELE2 everything goes as expected. However, if we park those channels and turn the console off the relays remain engaged and our power is still flows.

I seem to remember years ago reading that the SENSOR had the ability to 'remember' dimmer/relay settings when the DMX signal was lost. I've ploughed through the manual and seen things about Panic and Backup features but not really sure what to fiddle with.

If the rack does have this ability to 'remember' it sounds like a good idea but I would like to opt out the relay channels so that when DMX went out they cut the power.

Am I in the right forum for SENSOR help? I'm usually in the EOS Family one!