CEM3 processor log file


how can i save a log file from  CEM3 processor?

In setup, under file operations menu i see only option for save/load configuration and update firmware. Cant find log file

Thank you.

  • Hi Nixtasos,

    The CEM3 does not have a log file it keeps internally as such. It does log some information via Syslog, so if you have a syslog server (an ETC conductor, or other syslogging system) in your network you can use that.

    What problem are you trying to diagnose?


  • Hi, I missed some settings ( like switched mode, not dimmable) from some thrupower ETR15AFR dimmer/reley modules. 

    And I wanted to see how this happened suddenly.

    I was very impressed because this setup has been operating for about 2 years now.

    Thanks in any case.