25Amp, 5kw Modules at 240volts - Actual Capacity

Hello all!

Wanting to clarify what the actual Kw output of a 25amp module is at 240v

I'm from Australia, so we run around 240v out of a power outlet. Give or take.

My maths suggests that at 240volts 25amps I draw 6000watts from a 25amp module. Specifically looking at a module like the ETR25AFR.

The documentation implies that the module is a 5000watt capacity.

Is there circuitry in the 25amp modules that prevents a load drawing more that 5000watts or is it capable of outputting 6000watts because the RCBO is rated to 25amps?

For context if anyone is curious, I am helping spec a refurbishment of an old Theater and we need to know if we put power outlets rated at 20amps or 25amps on the dimmer panels. 

  • The official rating of the ETR25AFR is 5000W at 230V. The actual rating of the RCBO in the modules is in fact 23A, so about 5.5kW at 240V.

    For your question, as it's over 20A I assume you would need to use 25A rated connectors. In Europe these are typically used with 32A CEE-form connectors.