On an ETC Sensor 3 48 Channel two patch touring rack,  how is the main power distributed from a 3-phase tie-in through the 48 channels? I've tried to read through the user and setup manuals, but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I saw something to the effect that Channels 1-8 are on the first or "0A" leg, 9-16 on the 2nd or the "OB" leg, and 17-24 on the third or "OC" leg. I have six 6-channel Soca's powering up 72,  575 watt ETC Source 4 ellipsoidals and pars and think I blew a fuse on the first or "OA" leg in the 200amp disconnect while running all the lights at 100%. If what I read is true, the load should be evenly balanced. Any help would be appreciated!

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