False Trip / Module Removed Errors

Hi all,

Has anyone got any ideas what might be going on with our Sensor3 installation? We have 6 racks and they are all working as expected, with the exception of two thrupower modules. They are in different racks and have different errors:

One has been locally switched to constant power and is running a constant voltage flicker LED array for a candelabra. When the module is powered up it is fine for 30 seconds and then the CEM says the channel has tripped. However the candelabra itself is still running, so it clearly hasn't tripped. I'm wondering if it is simply that the load is so little that the rack thinks it has tripped but it hasn't. I have tried changing the module for a replacement but no change.

The other module is also locally switched to constant power and is powering a VL3500 wash. The CEM intermittently displays a fault for it that the module has been removed, even though during this time the light is still working. The fault displays for a shot time and then clears on its own. Again, I have tried replacing and re-seating the module and there has been no change. 

Both of these faults have only appeared recently (we have a long-running show in residence at the theatre) and although they're not actually impacting the show as both units are still working, it is very frustrating to have errors displaying when there's no actual fault!

If anyone can help me with either of these issues I would be very grateful!