Smartlink and DMX Control

Our church recently installed 3 smartpacks and 3 smartlink wall switches.

This worked fine until we then installed a Crestron control system to control the lighting.  Our current situation is that if someone turns on the lights from a wall station the Crestron/DMX control cannot fully control the lighting.  If the wall switches are not used to turn on the lights before the Crestron, Crestron control works fine.

Any ideas how to seamlessly integrate these two networks together.  We would like the Crestron/DMX to always be the master so that if the Crestron is in control the smartlnk switches and maybe network are turned off.

Any help would be appreciated.

  • Sorry to say there isn't much good news for you.

    The Smartlink and DMX are separate inputs into the dimmer packs. They will always merge so that the brightest level for each dimmer will be selected. Keep in mind that the buttons just activate a preset in the dimmer packs. Once they are running the dimmers need a signal to deactivate the preset.

    The only way I know to integrate these would be to make only one system. Replace the wall switches with Crestron switches or inline DMX switches. (Like ) None of that would be inexpensive, but likely less than replacing the whole system with a Unison Paradigm.

    Here is one easy thing  for you. There is a menu setting for "DMX loss." You can set it so that when the Crestron stops sending DMX signal then it will active a preset. Note that Crestron may not ever stop sending DMX it may just go to all zeros. This functions well with a traditional light board, turn it off and the buttons take over.