Basics LED levels on CEM+ SR48


I am new to my position, I'm the network systems admin for our District. I'll skip the long story but my background is LAN network engineering, but I'm very comfortable with audio and video projector systems, lighting is a whole new world to me.

We have a CEM+ SR48 rack with an ETC console on DMX. After troubleshooting for a few days I deleted the CEM rack and console config, set everything back to default. *gasp* - but this turned out to be a good thing actually because now we can control our halogen fixtures.

I'm sure that this will be a long learning process but could anyone provide any tips on how to connect to the LED fixtures? Are those controlled by a standard high voltage CEM rack like our SR48? Obviously they don't have the same electrical requirements, but yes, at some point they were connected to the console, and they worked.

So if the console did control those fixtures, I'm wondering if I'm missing something? Would they still be re routed via the CEM and DMX to reach the console? Currently they are dark, but they used to work before we started "troubleshooting" the system, so they are not burned out.

Going to try initializing DMX B and DMX E tomorrow but I'm totally unsure how to connect to the LED lights - also going to try to go up into the catwalk but again, I really don't know how / where those fixtures would connect physically. And if course there may have been some patching that I erased but it is now a process to restore that control.

Thank you for ANY advice or tips,


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