The Output of L4973D5.1 is Unnormal

The Output of L4973D5.1 is Unnormal

Good afternoon,everybody

I would like to ask you some advice about L4973D5.1. This is the datasheet of L4973D5.1, please allow me to express my appreciation if you can give me some feasible suggestions.

Let’s go into the subject.Please look at the following circuit:

The voltage I want to output is 24V at first,the input is 48V. But now the phenomenon is it always output 3V. I don’t know how to change it? Can you?

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  • Hello;
    Is this a component inside one of our products? It looks like a step-down regulator made by ST Micro Electronics that is designed specifically to regulate to 3volts. 
    Here is a link to their technical specifications for that part.

    This might explain why it is doing what it is doing, but their technical support could assist you further. 

    If this is part of an ETC product, please let us know which product and what you are trying to modify.


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