U10002_1F on/off after hours override not working

Not sure what the LED code is for the issue but I have recently come across an after hours override switch that has a constant red blinking LED light illuminated on the front of the cover. Not too sure what this issue could be. When I go to override the current setting, by pushing either the on or off, both the on and off switch flash green and nothing happens to override the current setting. Is there a list of what these LED colors/pattern of flashing mean for troubleshooting purposes?

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  • Sounds like the station might have come unbound. You can check the processor and see if it's throwing any errors. You can also try to re-bind the station from the processor. The LonID might be a handy piece of info for you to have, this is the set of 3 numbers on a sticker on the front of the station.
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