ETCPad wifi reconnection issues


There is a problem with our ETCPad connecting to wifi networks without internet access. Basically, it isn't possible to set automatic reconnection to these networks. As lighting control networks lack internet connections by default, this is quite annoying. You have to manually reconnect it every time. In the wifi list the "No Internet Access Detected, won't automatically reconnect." can be read.

So, according to android forums, this is most likely due to android's Captive Portal Detection mechanism, that prevents an ordinary smartphone ending up connected to a wifi network w/o internet access. ETCPad is not an ordinary smartphone, so we do not need this feature. But it isn't easy to change, as it requires rooting the device or installing 3rd party apps, methods that we do not really want to try.

Do you know any possible solution for the problem with the factory installed apps and settings?

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