Configuring an LPC

Hello everyone,,

So I'm trying to setup an LPC and my local dealer is stumpeed, thought I would check here.

Have an Impression II and an Impression II LPC.  Both are running 3.1 software.  Followed the printed directions in the manual to configure the boards for an A/B System doesn't work.

Both Units are plugged into the ehternet hub and working correctly (When I power on each one individually they find the RVI and display data)

I've set on the console (Dip Switches inside) SW 1: On, SW 2:Off

On the console: SW1: Off, SW 2: On

I'm not getting any of the tracking console errors (Cannot find A, Cannot find B)  They both seem happy as a clam working as individual light boards on the network.

What have I missed in setting this up?

Thanks all for your help!

  • Howdy. This is a great question and can be tricky since it is kind of buried in two different places in the manual. The long story short is that the consoles do not connect for redundant tracking via a network cable but instead need a custom serial cable.  Why you may ask? Because TCP/IP networking didn't exist when the console was created.  Below is a snip from the manual on what you need to do 


    Installing Redundant Tracking Backup

    1. Configure both consoles for parallel printers:
      1. Press [Set Up].
      2. Select 6, System settings and press [Enter].
      3. Select 10, Serial/parallel printer, and press [Enter].
      4. Select 1, Parallel, and press [Enter].
    2. Reset DIP switches on both consoles according to the chart below
    Both consoles B4 On
    Master console B5 Off
     Slave (backup) console B5 On

    Note: Impression reads DIP switch settings when you turn it on. You must turn power off and back on for console to recognize new settings.

    Connect consoles with a DB9 Female to Female connector RS-232 cable (Belden 9503 or equivalent) that is not longer than 50 feet. Use console connectors labeled Serial.

    Cable pinout

    Connector 1 Connector 2
    Pin 2 Pin 3
    Pin 3 Pin 2
    Pin 5 Pin 5

    Pins 1, 6, 7, and 9 are not connected.

    Pins 4 and 8 are tied together at each end but are not connected through the cable.

    Using Redundant Tracking Backup
    To use Redundant Tracking Backup, follow these steps:

    • Turn both consoles on simultaneously.
      • If the master console does not receive any input from the slave
        console within one minute of initial power up, the following message appears on the screen:
        • Backup unit is not responding.
          Backup tracking link has been disabled automatically. (Press
          "Clear" to continue.)
      • Pressing [Clear] removes the message and allows you to use the master console in normal, single console operation.
    • Insert disks into both consoles.
    • The show you load into consoles must be identical and must be recorded on the disks as the same show number as either show one or show two.

    Hope this helps.