Gio/Paradigm integration

Can I check if there is a way of having cues created on a Gio that can be triggered by a soft key on the touchscreen of a Paradigm system? 

We sometimes have DSMs triggering cues on very basic tech shows (House LX out, Gen wash up, that sort of basic!) so the techs can do other events in the building, but don't really want DSMs in the tech box when techs aren't around! Did think about putting a Nomad in as a client but there's a paradigm touch panel next to the DSM desk already so hoping to utilise that.


  • Paradigm can do almost anything, but changing what it does gets really complex.

    A very simple function is to record levels from the board and assign them to a button or even a virtual fader. So a page of 'looks' could be recorded earlier and then no console is needed. Re-recording a look is as easy as putting it on stage and pressing 2 buttons.

    Ask your local dealer about getting a Paradigm tech to come out.

  • Jack, there are a couple of ways to go about this, depending on the configuration of your Paradigm system. Both may require Paradigm programming from your friendly neighborhood Authorized ETC Service Technician.

    1) ETC Technician would program all "channels" you want in paradigm with a record-able preset, and you'd set your look from the console, record it into the Paradigm Preset, and then can play back with console off, and Paradigm in control of those channels. There are some caveats to this, including but not limited to how many addresses you're trying to snapshot from your console, what your DMX or Network setup is..

    2) ETC Technician can help you set up communication between the Gio and Paradigm, via sACN input, or UDP triggers. Your console would then host the cues or looks, and Paradigm would send levels or a command string to the console, and the console would host the control and play back the content, but the user wouldn't have to "operate" the console to handle the playback. There are some caveats to this, as well, including but not limited to needing to manage sACN input addresses or specific cue or sub numbers, to make it work. It would require careful handling when you start each new showfile.