Wish: Latest firmware list/display on homepage.


I haven't found a easy way to find latest firmware and software versions on ETC gear.

I would like eater a page with a list of all latest or that the page of each device tells me what software version is the latest and with a date as the download page shows. Or that the e-mail list sends out when a update comes.

I have a bunch of colorsource gear and want to keep them up to date.

  • Updaterator is a software that does exactly that! and it then even helps you to actually perform the update

  • I know about the software. But I run it on my Nomad computer that I only want to connect to internet when it's needed. My office computer do not let me install things and we can't get a 3d just for Updaterator.  And a page with latest versions could contain release notes. Something I miss on the firmware updates for fixtures. 

  • The only way a presumed list would know what is current is to connect to the internet - something you definitely don't want to do with a dedicated console. Something running ETCnomad is your choice. That's exactly what UpdaterAtor does. When it's opened on a PC with internet it connects to ETC's servers to determine what the current versions are and checks it against the versions installed on the machine. When you run UpdaterAtor on a console or PC without internet it references the last list it had, which if you've never had the machine connected to the internet , it would be the one that  was put there when you installed UpdaterAtor.

    Additionally ColorSource fixtures don't necessarily need to be updated just because there's a new version. Often times we only have a new version of firmware to support a new fixture in the family. Always check release notes first.