Lights always on

I am a new Tech Director at a High School and I have been trying to understand the patching at said school. I have found instruments that I need to light with but when I patch the channel to specific addresses different lights turn on. I have tried to reset the addresses on my dimmer rack to fire as 'Normal' instead of 'Always On' but it changed nothing. Any words of wisdom would help greatly. Thanks in advance!

  • Look for an architectural system.  If they were programmed to be always on in your dimming rack they may have been set up in an architectural processor the same way.  

    Always on is typically used for systems that always need power to prevent fixtures from having power turned off completely, or for monitoring power  for life safety equipment.

    I would highly reccomend calling our Technical support staff at 800-831-4116. Having your system number is helpful, but they should be able to look up your system and possibly help you understand the layout and achieve your objective.