ETC Nomad Visualizer

Hey im Pascal Probst,

at least i got the ETCnomad Software for my PC. A long story short i look up for this Beta for a Visualizer from ETC but i cant find any link or any solution to send them a mail to registrier for this Beta. 

Can anyone help me :-)

best regarts


PS: Stay at home and be alive :-) 

  • You go here Open Betas ETC - Community, click Eos Open Beta 3.0 and then the orange Join link.

    As soon as you're in there please head over to the General Comments forum and read the post "Greetings, General Housekeeping, and Getting Started". After that you will find download links in the post "Eos Family Software v.3.0.0 b322 is Now Available!"

    Have fun!