Retrofit LED upgrades


Truly sorry if this has been addressed somewhere but trying to find specific information is like getting sucked into a black hole.  Our theater is looking at another LED light upgrade to replace the existing LED house lights.  About 8 years ago, we changed our house lights from 150w incandescent to TCP Elite 17watt lamps.  Many of those have failed, and were changed with a myriad of off-the-shelf replacements.  Our building maintenance crew is well intentioned, but sometimes going about these replacements is more about lowest cost than proper performance; which, I understand to some degree.  The results are less than acceptable, in my opinion, related to smooth dimming and hotspots, mixed color temps, and the like.  We have the Sensor rack with D20 dimmers and the Unison architectural control. 

My question is, what ETC retrofit lamp product would be a good fit, or are there any recommendations for third party lamps?  I would prefer ETC products because they just seem to hold up better than most other products, and you get what you pay for in most cases.  We have a lighting consultant coming in two weeks, and I have never met this person before.  I want to be well informed as we look to bring our house lighting system back to a state comparable to the performance of incandescent lamps.  Thank you for any help!  


  • Hi Eric!  Have you heard about our LED Dimming Compatibility Database?  I think this might help you.  In terms of retrofits we offer Arcsystem and S4wrd- so whether or not those will work for you and your use case depends on what kind of fixtures and ballasts you are using now (and base types).  It's possible what you have changed to is already listed in the database and depending you may be able to change settings to see a better curve.