Paradigm stations not functioning correctly

Not sure if this is the correct place for this but this venue/ gym/stage combo has a paradigm system running several 4 button and one 10 button stations. The 10 button station is dedicated to only on stage performance presets. They are also using an Element 2 console for performances.

The Paradigm programmer is scratching his head. I programmed the 10 button preset looks on the Element using 10 submasters. When finished I brought up each sub one at a time and he recorded that date into that button on the 10 station; button 1 sub 1, button 2 sub 2, etc. Did this through all 10 buttons (not using the 10th as an off but rather push the button the second time and it shuts off that preset. They want a choice of more than one active button.)

The venue consists of all Color Source fixtures; spots and washes. For the 10 button station looks they will not use any of the spots as color, however I did set them to a warm, therefore they are technically a color I guess.

The Color Source washes are all set to 5 different color looks; ie all blue, blue/cyan, red/orange, etc.

Therefore the first 5 buttons on the 10 station are warm leko(spot) fixtures FOH to stage as well as overhead angles, 4 corners. The second 5 buttons are various color choices all overhead color washes facing straight down on the stage. This way they could select a certain set of warm fixtures for front and some side/rear lighting and a second set of colors. So say 1 would turn on the two FOH outside facing the down stage center for a speaker and two up stage doing the same from the rear. They could then add button 10 to make the stage blue with those 4 warm fixtures on as well.

Here is the problem. When one of the first 5 are selected the fixtures will turn on warm but when a second button is picked in 6-10 range those washes turn on but everything on goes full on white; rgb 100. If only one of the 6-10 buttons are on and NO 1-5 button on, that one button will output the correct color, but adding a second choice turns everything on full rgb.

The only way to give the stage color is only select one of the 6-10 buttons and the only way to get warm out of the spots is to only select one of the 1-5 buttons.

I'm wondering if there is something that needs to be set in the programming of the Paradigm or if has something to do with how the subs were recorded like having to ONLY record just the color needed for each button rather than picking a color and recording all rgb data.

Hope this makes sense