Fixture Request: Rosco DMG Dash Lights


Could you please create profiles for the Rosco Dash light. There are 20 of them!

I am in need of the #7  Full 16 bit , 22 channels.

These links may be of assistance for creating the profiles for this light.

Thanks in Advance.

  • I qickly scanned for a better Manual on the internet an found a Webside that has a ETC Showfile with profiles.

    Maybe it is helpful in the meantime.

    Since i do not have a Rosco DMG Dash, i haven't been able to test them.



  • I have been all over that web page. Lots of raw data no downloadable profiles. I have a Gaffer who runs his Dash in Profile 7 Full 16b. He has this patched in the Blackout app as a 22 channel patch. The patch on the Dash website is 22 channels. But, for ETC, it is only a 16 channel patch. NOT working with ETC. 

    I am getting frustrated hearing... I can control it from my app. Why can't you do it?

    This goes for Blackout, Astera, etc. 


  • Which console family do you need this profile for?

    Is there a full manual and not just the DMX chart with abbreviations that is also available?

  • Ok, maybe you see something different on your screen than i do.

    fair enough.

    Here again is the link, from the Website i found, to the ETC-Showfile.

    I sneaked a minute in the Manual, the DMX-Chart from the officials and the Showfile.

    And i think that is quite ok.



  • Thank you. I did find profiles at that location. Still having a heck of a time with these lights. I'm able to control CCT color, but struggling on the console to pick and use party colors which are so easy to use on the app.

  • Ok, i got my hands on one of those fixtures.

    While i am at v1.0.10 there are a lot of problems with the DMX-Profiles not lining up with the Manual.

    I will reach out to rosco. Don't trust the DMX-Count in the APP!!!

    I am not convinced of the new Software version. If you can avoid it. don't go for it in the first place.

    I missed to test v1.0.09  : /

    The profiles in the Showfile:

    They are labeld as MIX. But please have no fear to use them

    Read the labels of the mode and match it to your current set Mode on the Fixture.

    If your Mode has Strob in it, you need to alter the Fixture profile a bit. Because they start with a DMX Value of 5. Disable strob is DMX 0

    Go into Patch->with a clear command line {fixtures}-> select your desired fixture from the left List -> search for Strob Rate on the right List -> double click on the Range-value -> set the left Min-Value to 0

    Click somewhere to close the range-window and save the change you made by hit the bright green {Save Fixture} button.

    I tested the following Modes as somehow working:

    - Mode1: White 8bit

    - Mode2: Color 8bit

    -Mode6: Full 8bit

    -Mode7: Full16bit

    -Mode8: GLOBAL8bit

    -Mode9: GLOBAL16bit

    Working solid prove is Mode1 and Mode2!

    I do loved the Mode2 Color8bit. Is has HS and a Color Temp.

    The other Modes are working somehow. Sometimes you have to alter the Strob. But they work and sometime a feel the color is a bit of in the other Modes.

    The Fixture do has a bad Red+Blue mix behaivour. For my taste.

    If you need strob, test one of the other Profiles Otherwise go for the Mode2. I got the best color results with that Mode.

  • Ok, I do have big Update for you.

    Don't ever trust the app while setting up your Fixturemode.

    Use the Fixture and dial in your Mode there.

    If you have done that. Use the Fixtures provided from the Webside i linked.

    Choose your Profile by matching the name and Number in the Fixture-Display. Like "17: New Gel Mode"

    The Mode is matching in the Showfile you can Download.

    If you like to use a profile with Strob, edit the "Strob Range" that it will start with a DMX Value of 0.

    I tryed to explain in a post before this on.

    Have fun with the Light and choose the Mode wisely. because not all modes work with the Color Picker as you normaly do.

    Mode17 New Gel Mode is nice.

    Still Love Mode2 Color8b because it works well with the Color Picker.

    Mode6 and Mode7 Are also good as well with the Color Picker. Watch out for the "Color xfd". That will Fade between your White-CCT and der Color! (as all Color Crossfades will do with the Profiles)

    Thats it!

    Go for it and have Fun ; )