Apollo Iris Problems

Good morning!

I am running a system with a series of Rosco I-Cues and Apollo (EZ) Irises. Each run is only to an individual I-Cue which daisy chains into its corresponding iris. This week, we noticed that the iris would periodically lose its ability to open back to full once brought down to a 0 value. I cracked open the iris and reset the internal gears - which worked, except now I have a new problem:

If I shut down my iris at any value above 0, the device gets stuck in calibration when it receives power again. It simply continues to click and won't move until I unplug it and manually set the iris's position back to 0 powering it back up. I added in a temporary shutdown and start up process to help get around this, but this is very much not a permanent solution to this problem. Does anyone here have any ideas what's going on and how I might fix it?