ColorSource 40 OSC Commands


Im looking to control our colorsource 40 via osc through max_msp. I've found this rudimentary list of commands:

but it remains unclear to me how to control for example the beams of single lights, stuff like zoom or focus... We also have a robe moving head beamer that has several additional parameters like keystone, focus, etc. that are all listed under "beam" on the colorsource display. ...but how to access those via osc? 

thanks for helping!


  • Hi Steve,

    The list you referenced provides the available commands that you need to combine to gain control.  For example: I want to control Channel 1 Intensity and Zoom via OSC.

    Using OSCwidgets I have defined buttons to do the following actions:

    • Add Channel 1 to the selection
      • /cs/chan/select/1
    • Remove Channel 1 from the selection
      • /cs/chan/subtract/1
    • Increase Intensity by 5
      • /cs/chan/wheel/5
    • Decrease Intensity by 5
      • /cs/chan/wheel/-5
    • Increase Zoom value by 5
      • /cs/param/zoom/wheel/5
    • Decrease Zoom value by 5
      • /cs/param/zoom/wheel/-5

    If using Encoders in OSCwidgets (or Fader):

    • Intensity Control
      • /cs/chan/wheel
        • With -1 and 1 "tick" values
        • This will increase or decrease the value by 1 for every "tick" of the encoder/wheel/fader
    • Zoom Control
      • /cs/param/zoom/wheel
        • With -1 and 1 "tick" values like intensity

    The parameter names are defined in the parameter control popup on the console, case insensitve:

    For this fixture if I wanted to control "Prism & Macros" I would use that as the parameter name in the string:

    • /cs/param/Prism & Macros/wheel
  • Thanks Seth for your detailed answer! I was assuming that one can take the parameters from the pop-up menus, wich works for all the parameters without spaces. As soon as a parameter (as f.ex. your example with "Prism & Macros") includes spaces this wont work anymore. Adding quotes to the string wont help here either....

    I want to control for example the projectors focus. In the pop-up this shows as "Proj Focus" but a string like /cs/param/Proj Focus/wheel is not allowed, neither works /cs/param/ProjFocus/wheel or /cs/param/Proj_Focus/wheel or "/cs/param/Proj Focus/wheel".

    How did you do it?

  • All of the examples I provided above work with CS Console v3.2.1 and OSCwidgets.

    /cs/param/fx <>/wheel

  • Thanks Seth

    Ok, i got it. I downloads the widgets and i still have the same problem... im not sure i understand what you are saying though... If the osc strings should work in osc widgets, they should as well work in max, but i still dont get it to work in neither of the two.


    thats how i configured an encoder and a button to select the channel. the spaces in the string still bother me... but, what am i doing wrong?

    thanks again!

  • For the channel selection - if you want to use the argument (Min/Max) only use one of them.  OSCWidgets is setup to pass the Max Argument on Button Down and the Min Argument on Button Up.  So you are selecting the channel twice, which works, but is duplicate OSC messages.

    For you "Focus Speed" if this is an index parameter you will not be able to use the wheel like this and instead need to use the string below because "wheel" indicates 

    /cs/param/Focus Speed
    Min -1
    Max 1

    What version of CS Console are you running?