Connecting ETCNomad and Ion Classic

So in our theatre we have an Ion Classic 1k and I have an ETCNomad dongle with a Gadget II which I connect to my MacBook. I wanted to ask if there is a way to set these up to control all four universes of output from the console? If not directly then maybe programming separately on both and then firing the laptop running Nomad with OSC during the show?

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  • The short answer is: Yes, it is possible.

    The longer answer is as following.

    To succesfully connect two Unitis together there some things that need to match:

    - All Systems need the same Software version
    -All system need the same Library version
    - All Systems need the same Language setting
    - All Systems need the same Keyboard-Language
    - IP range need to match
    - in the Shell->Setup->Network make sure 'Multi-Console' is enabled

    The Manual (v.3.2.1 page 566) says: "Only Intel-based Macs can connect as a client"

    Since you use a 1k ION Classic, that Parameter count is your limitation in a Master/Backup-system.
    But you can make the Nomad-system your Master and connect with the ION as a Client and therefore controll all the parameter that your Dongle is capable of.

    In terms of Software version, the ION Classic may leed, because a XP based ION is only capable of version 2.9.x

  • If I understand what you are saying correctly this will still limit the number of control universes to the ones I have licensed in Nomad. I have a 2 universe license on the dongle so my question is how I can set this up to use all four universes (combining the two from the Ion and the two from Nomad).

  • The gross way that I could see this working (controlling all four universes) would be to create the same cues on both consoles, controlling their designated fixtures, then activating those cues using timecode or have someone really good at pressing the *GO* at the same time.

    As I said, I am not the biggest fan of this method, but it is plausible...

  • instead of having one person pressing Go at the same time you could also link them through OSC.

  • Yeah that’s what I meant in the original question. It would work fine and it looks like that’s going to be my solution for now I was just asking if anyone knew of a way I could programme all four universes from the console but it doesn’t seem like that’s possible.

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  • I am very sorry for misunderstanding your question.

    As statet out from Imason and ueli it is not a realy simple task.
    Because Parameter-counts can't stack up.

    Programming is not the problem here.

    Because you can programm and patch far beyond your parameter-count. But the EOS-Software will cut the DMX output after your current output-limit and will tell you, marked in red, while be in the Patch-Tab.


    Some Ideas:
    - you could ask someone for lendig you a Dongle with more than 1k Parameters
    - you could splitt the Patch to ION and Mac and program each part one at a time
    - you could try with the Mac to use Offline/with w/wiz (problem here is that once in a while your Fixture will flicker/flash. If you have incandecent lights and Power switches, thats maybe not the best solution)

    To let the 2 Consoles talk to each other is with OSC a far better option, as ueli already suggested.

    Not an easy task... sorry