Blackout Button on LCD Screen

Client would like a Blackout button on LCD Screen.  When pushed all lights off (that's easy), but when pushed again lights restored to previous look (that part maybe not). 

Basically looking for an on/off that restores look.  Do I need to make a macro that records look when turned "off" and recalls look when turned "on"?

  • Instead of a having a blackout button, how about having a fader programmed as a Space Master?  You would just need to make sure that all of the appropriate addresses are in the space to which that fader is assigned.

  • Or make the button Space Master Down 100% / Up 100%

  • Jason;

    Is this Paradigm? If so, I believe you should be able to record a preset with all values at zero or whatever the customer defines as "blackout" and then play it back on a button at a higher priority. This way the blackout overrides whatever else is on without deactivating it. So if the button is a preset toggle it will activate and deactivate at that priority without changing any other presets.


    • If they are controlling zones directly from sliders or button they will not restore
    • Incoming levels from an input universe could still stay on

    Lastly activating something at a higher priority from a single button means that the only way to get anything back on is to press that button. So When I do things like this I usually add a timed event at 4 am to deactivate at that priority or make the blackout timed by adding a trigger that fires a macro that runs a timer and then automatically deactivates the blackout. This way if someone pushes the button and then walks away, phone support doesn't get a call. 

    Hope this helps

    David Fox