Merge into cues (Globally)

New to EOS (Nomad) 

Can i add a single channel in multiple cues at once?

For instance - If I forgot to put in a single lightbulb that remains on from cue 4 to cue 8.  Can I set the channel to full and then merge it into channels 4 thru 8 with changing what is already there?  Thereby adding the lightbulb to all those cues.


  • Yes! I'm also fairly new so there may be a better way of doing this but the way I know is this:

    • Go to the first cue that you DON'T want to change, in your example that'll be cue 9
    • Add a "block" to that cue; any changes to earlier cues now won't track into this cue
    • Go to the first cue that you DO want to change
    • Bring up the light you want to add, make any other changes that you also want
    • Update the cue, without specifying "cue only"
    • Your changes should track through all other cues, up until they reach a block or another cue that already has those lights changing what they're doing

    Hope that helps!