Multiple variants of one show

I've got a community theatre show coming up which will have a "relaxed" performance in addition to standard performances. As I understand things, for that relaxed performance we'll have some lighting changes such as keeping the house lights on at a low level throughout and maybe lowering the intensity of some busier effects. What's the best workflow you all know of to handle the show file(s) for this situation? If it's relevant, the lighting will be run on a Nomad laptop.

I'm still relatively new to lighting design in general, so the only way I know 100% will work is to get the standard version done then duplicate the show file and make edits from there to produce the relaxed version. But if I then want to adjust a cue across both versions, there's more room for error (or forgetting) than I'd like.

The closest thing (outside of ETC tools) that I've seen, is in SCS that my venue uses for sound and projection. That software has a "time profile" feature which allows for one cue to behave differently depending on the current profile. For example, matinee and evening would have their own timings for playing a backstage half-hour warning to cast, and I believe could have different audio files play per profile. But of course, in the lighting world trying to search the word "profile" gives lots of results on fixtures instead!