Compact sACN source?

As I was traipsing around a site a couple weeks ago, hauling my laptop all over the place, running SACNView as a source to test more than 700 circuits, I thought to myself, "wouldn't it be great if there was something small and compact that spit out and read sACN data on the network?"  (no console, no DMX inputs, 45 net taps)

So my question, fellow technicians, is:  has anyone found a compact tool that will both read and spit out sACN data?  Similar to a DMXter or Gizmo, but for sACN?  Of course POE powered would be great, but a self contained battery would be fine as well.

If not, can someone please develop one? 

  • Hi Chris,

    This is something I have looked at on and off. I did some research into making a standalone DMXter-like tool for sACN; unfortunately the costs of designing such a tool are quite prohibitive for what would be (for now) a fairly small sales market.

    However - one option to consider would be a smart device (iPhone, Android phone or tablet) plus some software. Currently, on iPhone Luminair ( has the option to transmit sACN as well as Artnet, so could certainly be used as a channel check type tool. As far as I know it doesn't receive data. You could simply carry a small access point to connect to a net tap, and use the iPhone as a portable remote.

    There are a number of other channel check type tools for Artnet out there, for both Android and iPhone. There are some interesting new Android tablets coming out which are fairly inexpensive and which do have wired Ethernet ports. As of yet I haven't found any applications which send sACN on Android though.

    Anyway, this is certainly an area we are looking at.. so keep an eye out for future developments. And that's all I'll say for now :-)




  • Any chance iOS sACNView will return?

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