What would be good for us?

Hello! I'm not sure where to put this topic but I try here.

Right now my theatre have a DALI system for the house lights. it's only 4 relays for emergency light and two 2,5k dimmers running 9 750W flood lights. and then one (?) relay for the work lights on stage.

This system starts to get old and loose it's memory and we want a new system that is more future friendly.

What do I need? I want to have the option of DMX in. I want to have the option to in the future (or at the same time as the switch) go over to LEDs. I want more then just 2 groups in the roof, I would love the option to from panels run parts of my lighting rig for things like conferences, rehearsals and so on. (I right now have a Net3 network for the stage light).

Witch of ETCs systems is the best for me? It's not that I need timed colour changes but I need more then on and off.


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  • Johannes,
    There are several options that could work well for you, but which one depends on a few other factors. Do you have a control system in place already for the architectural/ house lighting on your space? Is that DALI based or something else? Do you plan to replace the DALI fixtures or keep them?

    The best option depends on what you plan to replace, and what other equipment is in place. I would recommend you contact your local ETC dealer to talk about the best option, but there are several ways to do what you are looking for. If you do not know who best to contact please contact out ETC Ltd office. They can help you determine your best option. www.etcconnect.com/.../Europe.aspx

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