Weird Troubles with Baby colors

Hi guys, 

I work for a church in AZ. We have a Mosaic system running one of our student rooms.  There are 27 Mega-lite baby colors that wrap the room to add wall color.

We run the Mosaic control with 8 different presets.  One of said presets is OFF... When we are in service we run shows off of an ETC Congo JR, this way we can have more control over the set.  

The problem we are running into is.... When the Mosaic system is disengaged via the preset panels. Our ETC Congo Jr Is not able to interface with the Baby colors. What will happen is all stage and other lights on with mosaic fade to off correctly and are successfully controlled via the congo when needed... Except for the Baby colors, I have already checked to make sure the Patches on the Mosiac controller and The congo are the same... and to make sure that the Node that feeds the Baby colors is set to the Right universe (I don't think this would be the problem as the mosaic controller operates out of the same node and controls the baby colors just fine)  

Hence the reason I am puzzled

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

  • Hi Zach,

    This sounds like a priority issue.  We use priority to dictate who has control.  Usually mosaic has a higher priority than a console.  When you "release" control on Mosaic it gives up control the next device with the highest priority, in your case the Congo.  While it appears to be doing this for the stage and other lights, my guess is when you hit OFF on Mosaic it's putting the Mega-lite Baby Colors at a 0 Intensity value instead of releasing them.  This likely was the intent as someone a long time ago probably said we never will need to control those units form the console.  But if times have changes that's fine.

    We can correct this two way.  One, go into your Congo Jr. and set it to a higher sACN priority.  This is an easy way to find out if this is the problem, but not the long term solution I would use as oyu may end up with the reverse problem where Mosaic stops controlling some things when the console is on.  But use it to determine if indeed the Congo Jr. Can control the units.

    If the above is true then we should work on making sure the Mosaic showfile is actually releasing control of the lights instead of setting them to 0 or some other level and maintaining control of them..

    Can you please let us know how  your Congo Jr. connected to the system?  Over Ethernet?

    I am only able to run Cobalt software offline, but you should see this setting under Network.  It may look a bit different.  And set your priority to like 200.

  • Yes The Congo jr is running over Ethernet I do remember the Priority being set to 100. When i get there tommrow I will go check on it

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