Unison Mosaic Audio/Timecode Module - Sound to Light

I am using MTPC + Respose gateway to trigger my light installtion . I would like to create sound to light effect . I am having Unison Mosaic Audio/Timecode Module , but  dont know how to achive the same (Sound to light ) Please help me the concept of sound to light and how its differnt from timecoding. second how I will achieve and trigger my lights with Unison Mosaic Audio/Timecode Module. rest my system its functioning. 


  • Are you using the same audio tracks every time or are you looking for a random "sound active" mode? 

    If same audio tracks are used each time. You should look into using time code and programming a timeline to reflect your track choices. 

    If you are looking for a sound active mode:

    • This is not a perfect system, I am sure others know better than I do...
    • I would m make a timeline or two with either different effects or the same effect spread out
    • have audio triggers "hit" them based on either peaks or magnitude of different bands. It would take some tinkering with but you could probably get something presentable.