Capturing button press

I'm working on a show where I'd like to capture which of ten buttons is pressed and store it as a variable to be used as a timeline selection that would be played with an astro trigger. The concept is that there is a default timeline that would run everyday but if so desired, an alternative can be selected prior to the astro event and there run instead of the default. I can't find information about passing a button number through to a variable or function. Is this possible?


  • I have done this in the past by having my buttons populate timeline numbers to a table or update a global variable instead of the start timeline action. I then use an Astro trigger to call that data and/or a “fire now” button to test it. If your default timeline is timeline number 1(for an easy example) you could have another trigger that resets the variable to 1 each day. 
    you can also use this data to update captions on your screen to provide some feedback. If variable is 1 “default is scheduled” if variable is 2 “timeline 2 is scheduled”. 

    I am half asleep right now and I am only semi coherently typing on my phone instead of a computer, otherwise...  I would provide a better example and some LUA snips for reference. I think the script I was using is slightly deprecated with the newest api anyways. 

  • Right, capturing to a global variable is the path I'm on. Thanks for the input!

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  • I was just reading through emails and this came back up. Sorry for the "fragmented" answer. 

    Tom's Scripting example is essentially what I was attempting to explain. The flexibility you get from LUA(and/orJavaScript for that matter) is addicting. I find myself using a script in some of the most basic projects  even if its just to automatically populate touch screens with pages and buttons with names/timeline numbers.

    you do end up with the "just because it can doesn't mean it should" internal conflict from time to time haha

  • I agree, I constantly struggle with going down the rabbit hole with "just because you can"! I'm wanting to incorporate the scripting approach, just the typical "learning how to do it" with an active project. I'm used to doing things with the standard triggers but would like a cleaner appraoch.