Feature Request: RGB Filtering

I know Mosaic is intended to run as an architectural controller on it's own.

But I'm looking at situations where you may have an entertainment style console running a show, but want to control aspects of the Mosaic Rig.
I know you can get really fancy with sACN values and triggers to run Timelines, which is great for playing back Pixel Content

But what I would love, is an action similar to the "Set RGB" Action, but instead is essentially "filtering"

As in, imagine a group starts with Intensity, Red, Green, and Blue at Full.

This action could then set new values, and the the playback of the assigned group is inhibited by the amount.

So if you drop Red to 0, then only Green and Blue values from the FX will playback.

  • You can achieve this now by using the Park Module. This will allow you to park specific addresses at a level. As long as an address is parked it will not be affected by timelines, scenes or direct control. Cheers!

  • I’m guessing they want dynamic control from reading their description. So red could be at 50% and allow half of the originally programming to still play through. 

  • Yes Exactly. If I assigned the four values as DMX Triggers, I could use an Eos RGBI Fixture to control the Mosaic Output to have the group match what I'm doing in the Venue.

  • For now though it’s just DMX in triggers controlling set RGB on fixtures/groups Slight smile

  • Yeah and that's fine, I'm using those triggers in an upcoming project, it just has the downside of not being able to use the Timelines and scenes that were already programmed in.

  • I just figured it out. It turns out you CAN use the Set RGB feature this way.

    The Set RGB Action actually treats the Group like it's a fixture in Eos, with the intensity at Full, all colors at Maximum.

    So if you set the Value to Red at Full and Green and Blue Out, It's not "Adding" Value to Red, It's Inhibiting Values from Green and Blue. So applying this RGB set to a Group that's running a Timeline, it inhibits the colors to the RGB values you set.

    What I had to look up a bit to get this working was that the Variable needs a range assigned to.

    So if you program an RGB Action from a Range of 4 UDP strings as I was, you need to tell the Variable to be a <3d:255>, this forces it to use the 3d variable between the range of 0 to 255.

  • Or maybe I'm wrong. While Debugging it, it appeared to work as intended, but now it seems more like Set RGB is like Parking the group, rather than inhibiting colors, especially once you send a command that sets everything. If you only set 1 Color, the others will keep changing based on the timelines or scenes playing behind them.

    I'm heading to bed idk I thought I had it. I'll look at scripting i guess for something