How do I create a group of groups?

So right now I have about 50 Groups made in a Mosaic Project and I'd like to clean it up a little bit so I don't have 50+ folders all listed out. 40 of these groups are for individual rows of fixtures. Is there a way that I can put all 40 groups into 1 group folder? 

So far I've tried selecting those 40 groups and creating a new group, but that just takes all of the fixtures from those 40, and puts them into a new group so I can't select a specific row of fixtures.

Also, I've tried selecting 1 group folder (let's say Group 1) and dragging it into another group folder (let's say Group 2), and that does keep the Group 1 separate within Group 2, but unfortunately it just creates a copy of Group 1 and puts it into Group 2. So now there are 2 Group 1 folders; 1 inside of Group 2, and the other still outside in the groups list.

I assume that it is possible to have groups with a group folder since I see that in the 'All Fixtures' folder. Is it possible to do the same thing with groups that I have created?

Thank you

  • Those are created by the software and cannot be deleted. So right now it is not possible for us, the users, to create nested groups. Feature Request :-)

  • As a workaround you can left click on the group you want to move to the ALL group and do a select all of the fixtures (ctrl+A on PC). If you want all of the fixtures within that group great! Simply move those to the ALL group. If you want to deselect some of them right click within the layout white space, select subtractive selection and click on the fixtures you do NOT want in the ALL group...then drag the selected fixtures to the ALL group.