Simple way to trigger an 24h timeline?


  • I have a real time trigger for a "base timeline effect", that triggers every day at midnight and is not absorbed.
  • I have a real time trigger for a "1 day timeline effect", that triggers at a specific day at midnight - e.g. 1st of May.
  • I have a real time trigger to dim the lights every day at 23.00 on work days
  • I have a real time trigger to dim the lights every day at 01.00 on the weekends
  • I have a real time trigger to turn on the lights at 6.00 if between sunset and sunrise
  • I have a real time trigger to turn off the lights at sunrise.
  • I have a real time trigger to turn on the lights at sunset.

The triggers are currently in this order. So far I have used the "negate on 1st of May" for the real time dimmer triggers (for this example), but this seems quite error-prone, since I have to do it for each 1-day event separately for each of the dimmer triggers.

What is the easiest way to make the "1 day timeline effect" run from from midnight to midnight at 100% dimmer ignoring other the dimmer triggers for that day and dim after it's done?

I am running 2.8.1 firmware.

Kind regards, Andres 

  • Without seeing your exact config I am cannot be sure on exactly how this is setup but here is where I would start.

    First your base timeline, if this is just a static look then I would just have a timeline that starts on startup but set its priority to Lowest.
    This will mean this timeline can be stomped on by other timelines at higher priorities but when they release it will still be playing back in the background.

    Your 1 Day effect timeliene can run at Normal Priority and as above will stomp on the normal timeline but when its released it will go back to the base.

    For your real time triggers that are setting levels of the fixtures I would make these be set master intensity actions so they just dim up and down the master meaning the base timeline again is still running underneath.

    To stop the master intensity triggers from running when using your special 1 day timeline then I would add a condition of if timeline on stage (negate) to these triggers so they wont fire if the special 1 day timeline is playing back but will when it isn't running

    Hope this makes sense.


  • If you have quite a lot of 1 day special timelines, so that you don’t have to add them to the conditions each time of excluding dimmer control: patch a single channel to a sAcn universe and then add that channel at full to each special timeline. Then in your condition to exclude dimmer control, if that channel is at full, then don’t do the trigger. 

  • I was going to suggest logic that looks for a looping dummy timeline that triggers with a flag or when one of the special timelines starts to do something similar, but I like your way better.

  • You would need to watch this universe back and use the DMX input as the condition? 
    You cannot watch that channel directly.

  • yeah, set up DMX input for sacn.. I read it as you patch a fixture to a SACN universe, Use that fixture in the special shows, listen to that sacn channel as a condition... and bobs your uncle 

  • This seems like a great idea how to do this. But I can't get it to work for some reason. It should be pink today, but when I uploaded the files, it went dark. I have simplified the show and here's a link to it. Am I doing it right? Fixture 401 is the one used for dimmer trigger. Running 2.8.6

  • I need to test on a controller but possibly because both controllers are looking at sACN as an input. Set a single controller to be the condition test.

  • Hmm. This did not work. I've also removed the start-up triggers, just in case, but the result is the same. I've also moved the Real time and Astronomical dimmer triggers to the top with no result.

    I can see the output of the 4th sACN universe and the "dimmer fixture" at channel 512 is at 255, yet the fixtures are still dark.

    The problem is - I can only test this live at the capitol's main square, which is not very convinient. 

  • Hi, Andres a quick question. Can you use either a real-time timeline or an astronomical timeline instead? These are timelines that are 24 hours long. You place your presets and effects on them, and you can set the duration you want them to run. These have the advantage of automatically syncing up to processor time and running automatically. Typically I add a start-up trigger to launch them so they sync on boot and a midnight launch trigger to help deal with special days and any other mucked-up priority stuff that can happen if the user has manual control. 

    You could put all of the individual events you have into one regular day timeline and then your particular day timelines could either still play for their one-off events or create special day timelines that have a full schedule of alternate looks for the days in question. Remember to put special days first and set to absorb.

    The difference between real-time and astronomical time triggers is relevant to your needs. as astro-time triggers add waypoints for sunrise and sunset. The way an astro-time timeline works is if you have an effect that is set at the sunrise or sunset waypoint on the timeline they will rate shift to make sure the timeline reaches that point at the waypoints time instead of actual time. 

    I find these to be much more efficient when you have a consistent full-day schedule than creating a trigger for each event throughout the day. Also because it is always running in the background ( unless you specifically stop it) whenever you release any other timelines you restore to your regular or special day look without needing to do a lot of complicated restore

    It might work, give it a try. 

    David Fox- He/His/Him

    ETC Education Center

  • On the web interface Input page, do you see channel 512 at full there?

  • Hi David, Sorry, I am not sure I understand how to make this. Would you please be so kind to amend my sample show file to reflect this, if possible? I would like to get the base effect run according to the normal triggers, but all the rest - e.g. pink and orange - to run on specific day from 00 to 24, then revert back.

    Does your suggestion work only with static effects? What if I want to a 15sec video to loop on a specific day? Will override the dimmer triggers?

    Here's the a OneDrive link to the 2.8.6 show file AndresK_sample2.md2

    I just realised that my actual question should have been "how to avoid real time dimmer triggers for a specific timeline".  Sometimes the special effects are annual, sometimes just occasional. Making timeline start triggers for each event is not complicated.

  • Hi Andres;

    I will try to find some time to edit your file, but it may not be until next week. 

    To answer your questions about playback, however, remember the timeplines play as LTP. So if you start a timeline A and then start another timeline B, the timeline A is overridden but not stopped. So once Timeline B ends or releases, you will see timeline A again.

    Like a layer cake the timelines build on top of each other. with the latest one being onstage.But if there are other timelines running that are not modified by the last one players you will see their effects too.  So if you have a real-time timeline that is running, and then play your occasional effect, once the effect is done and releases or ends your real-time timeline will reappear on stage playing. 

    As for creating one and adding content, real-time timelines look like any other timeline and allow you to program on them like any other timeline. The difference is they are 24 hours long. So you place your effects where you want them to start and then drag their end points to where you want them to end. 

    Go to Timeline tab and select New> realtime timeline and you will see what I mean.

  • Hi. you had a chance to look into this? I actually thought that the trigger I am looking for could be "suspend all other triggers until *something".

  • Anders;

    I am so sorry, this slipped my mind and I completely I dropped the ball on this. Can you send me a new link to the file?

  • Hi,

    Here's the OneDrive link.

    The idea is that I have Base effect running daily with the dimming trigger turning it off and on. What I want to achieve - is that on 2023.11.25 from 00:01 to 24:00 a different effect is run with 80% brightness. After 24:00 it should revert the brightness back to what ever it should be.