Can I reset the code to unlock the edit function on a etc unison paradigm touchscreen station?


Is it possible to reset the code to unlock the edit function on a etc unison paradigm touchscreen station?



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  • There really isn't an edit function open to users. Changes need to be made by a field service technician. Best to find a local dealer or see who did the original installation.

    Existing preset levels, calendar items and a few other things can be changed. I find it easiest to use a computer and the built in web page. Just browse to the IP address on the Paradigm screen.
  • Pincodes on Paradigm touchscreens are set by the installer, along with which functions they protect.
    - These are fully customisable systems, so there can be many different pincodes protecting many different functions.

    If you have lost important pincodes, then the best people to contact will be the Authorised Service Centre who configured the system.
    They should have the codes or reset procedure on file so can pass them on.

    If the ASC isn't available, then contact your local ETC Technical Support.
    You'll need the job number from the front of the Paradigm processor (P-ACP).
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    Thank you could you elaborate more on using a computer how exactly would I connect the the two

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    This describes how and what I was talking about.
  • As noted below, the codes set up for locks are programmed using the field-service authorized software, so you'll need one of those guys to change your existing pins - however, they can probably do this off-site and send you back the updated file. I've also built some configurations where the owner needed the ability to periodically change the PINs themselves and there are some custom script options that your technician can integrate, but that's not the default setup, so would be a new custom thing for your config.
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