Controlling Unison With QSYS

Does anyone have and knowledge or experience with triggering Unison with QSC QSYS?

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  • AFAIK, it has to be via a custom lua script to send UDP from QSYS. There's nothing prebuilt.
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    Thanks Hans

    Here is the response I received from the QSC Rep...Any thoughts or ideas?

    Can you ask if there is any documentation on the UDP commands? QSys has no prebuilt TCP/UDP modules. They just want the destination IP address, port number, and string to send. If they have that documentation, this gets very easy.
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    There are standard commands, but they are tied to installation parameters. That is, we have a standard activate preset command, but you have to know the preset name. There are also a few other configuration parameters required to be set up at the processor.

    The list of standard commands is given in our PSAP guide available here:

    You'll want to contact your installing technician/ETC dealership to get the information from the Paradigm side, and also to make sure the PACP is set up to receive the commands.

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